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The Swines: Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family, Front Cover
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“The Swines: Anecdotes of a Piggly Family by H.M. So can best be described as an eclectic read. I cannot believe I am saying this, but The Swines is like Animal Farm only better. A page-turner for people of every age or gender, the novel is filled with witty little anecdotes, humorous situations and pretty impressive dialogues. This novel has layers that I enjoyed peeling away while wiping tears of laughter from my eyes.”R.T., Readers' Favorite

“Despite the cutesy, cartoony appearance, the novel focuses on the satirical pleasures to be gained from viewing today's world through a fresh new perspective. Wonderfully narrated with a selection of elegant prose and sudden, thought-provoking moments of clever dialogue and plays on words. Highly enjoyable irreverent read, accompanied by high quality writing, presentation and a superbly satirical set of ideas.”KC.F., Readers' Favorite

“Entertaining... Well-written... Deep thoughts and lessons. Very humorous. Loved reading this book.”LitPick Reviews

“Fresh language and amusing anecdotes. All age groups will be entertained.”L.M., Readers' Favorite


Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family

by H.M. So

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“Eclectic, eccentric, and original. Fast-paced. Absurd. Whimsical.” ─ Suidae Gazette

“Cheeky, original, and witty. Wickedly fun!” ─ Bacon Daily News

Sam is a twelve-year-old boy from a family of pigs. His mom is a British Lop, an English sow of very high breeding. His dad is a warthog, the pedigree no one is quite sure. Sam’s parents are swine, but he’s perfectly normal.

Sam and his family live in a medium sized town named Suidae Valley somewhere in the middle of California. His mom enjoys gardening and mud baths. His dad is a booming, retired plumber. He’s a little rough around the edges. The family is piggly, but they fit right in with everyone in town who call themselves Suids.

Told in unique episodic format, Sam is a precocious kid with a talent for imagination, observation, and occasionally, even curious profundity. The narrative is eccentric, novel, and original, ranging from the orthodox to stream of consciousness and reverse chronology.

The Swines ─ Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family, is at times thoughtful, at times absurd, but most of the time fun, as the author takes readers on a journey into the unconventional world at the intersection of humans, pigs, and boy.

The Swines - Warthog
Praise for The Swines:

  • “Irreverent, precocious, and self-mocking, the Swines are compelling, and Suidae Valley's native son sparkles with humor.”Suidae Valley Times

  • “Written in the first person, twelve-year-old Sam dazzles with inquisitive observations and keen philosophical meanderings sure to delight adults and precocious kids of every age. A page-turner.”Porcine Book Review

  • “A crossover novel that will appeal to everyone regardless of age, sex, background or genus.”Bovine Society

  • “Satirical, ludicrous and bold. Animal Farm meets Aesop's Fables. An incisive lesson in every chapter.”Weekly Porker

  • “Politically incorrect. Genius!”Young Hogs

  • “A smorgasbord of subjects, from Law of Attraction to North Korea. A topical tour de force!”Suidae Globe

  • “Page after page of non-stop chortles . . .”The Boarish Post

  • “Cache of lexical brilliance!”Sus Semantic Academy
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